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Mark the vicar displays brass urns
We stock normal-looking brass urns at inflated prices, whatever costs us £10 costs you £210.
Above Mark the vicar is holding a sample of our "normal" urns, choose left or right when ordering.
Premium Funerals, keeping it Simple.
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Bereavement TaxThe Tenpasenta Church is the only funeral specialist who select beautiful urns from manufacturers that don't specialise in trying to rip off the bereaved.
Our chosen urns are not the tatty mass-produced brass rubbish from India that many funeral directors like to sell at ridiculous prices (but they are available), but urns that look and feel like popular household items. These unique pieces of "art" are indistinguishable from the original item that they are based upon, even down to the original box they would have come in, even the receipt that would have come with it had we bought one on the day you ordered it.
Customers will feel happy in the knowledge that their loved one's ashes are resting in an item that does not send shivers down the spine of visiting house guests.
Regular urn gtx urn Yorkshire tea urn
The Regular £210 The Racer £210 The Northern £210
kettle funeral urn Barrel funeral urn slow cooker funeral urn
The Steam £310 The Barrel  £310 The Slow £310
fryer funeral urn radio ashes urn tea urn funeral urn
The Fry £510 The Transistor £510 The Urn £510
premium urns Crying or laughing grief urn stock


Our latest line in Keepsakes are a sight to behold, we have found that many bereaved like to keep a sample of their loved one's ashes with them at all times, (mad?).
Many keepsakes offered by other funeral directors appear to be small and tacky. That's where our full-sized keepsakes break the mould by being able to hold all of the deceased person's ashes.
They look great and make an interesting talking point while out shopping or down the pub.
£210 Price does not include a chain.
keepsake urn


human ashes in dildo This simple idea was suggested by the local Women's institute, why not keep a sample of your loved ones ashes inside one of our hand-crafted glass dildos, based on an original cast of Mark the vicars own penis (not to scale) this 12" piece of art will satisfy any mourning partner.
Why not add a little colour to the ashes for that personal touch (£10 extra).
Each dildo is half-filled with your loved ones remains to offer that little extra vibration if you opted for a vibration implant. We understand that the ashes are just crushed bone and none of the actual flesh you fell in love with remains, but it's the thought that counts as they penetrate you many years after their death.
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wooden urn wooden urn upgraded brass Urn
brass urn upgraded
Before After  
After the first few weeks or days of grief, you may not want to be reminded of your loved ones sad demise, especially by looking at their cremated remains in an urn.
We offer a wide range of funeral urns that are designed to look like everyday objects, but if you had opted for a conventional urn we can customise them into useful objects that will not bring up sad memories.
Our most popular conversions are the "Tissue Box" only £210 and "The Vase" for only £310.
Chinese syle urn We have just received our new collection of Chinese vase style urns. It has taken our suppliers in Beijing 300 years to complete our order, the first vase-urn sample was "lost" 150 years ago, but it was recently "found" in London, then sold for £10 million Mark the vicar said that it was one of our most successful advertising campaigns to date, even though it has taken a few generations of Collyer's to come into fruition. Our large windfall will not mean any change to our business plan but may hasten the purchase of a large island in the British virgin islands to be called vicar Island.
You too can now buy one of our limited edition* Chinese urns at a knock-down price of only £10,000 each.
Visit our funeral office today and marvel at the imagined quality of these far from unique mass-produced pieces of art.
These urns will look great atop any bookcase or shelf, pure unadulterated funerary luxury.

Chinese urn worth a fortune
Thatcher urn Was your loved one a right wing nut job?
Did they support the Poll tax?
Were they happy when the Tories defeated the unions?
Well now is the chance to buy our beautifully hand-crafted coal scuttle urn, "The Thatcher".
Your loved one will look stunning in this memento of Britain's coal mining industry.
You will have hours of beautiful memories to explain as you are asked time and time again "why a coal scuttle?" Only £999.
This is a limited time offer as most Margaret Thatcher fans will all be dead within twenty years, at which time it will be withdrawn from sale, buy now!
Margaret Thatcher aproves this urn
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  • This high-gloss wedge shaped box clock offers a hinged cover with a photo frame. The sealed photo opening is 3-1/4".
  • A plate for engraving has been professionally engraved and mounted to the front, it conceals openings to securely store 2 keepsake capsules. The clock features a crystal glass effect face, a polished 9 carat gold tone, waterfall style bezel (whatever that is).
  • Finished in Rosewood Hall on preselected hardwood and veneers.
  • Dimensions: H 3" (7cm), W 5.5" (14cm), D 4.25" (11cm)
Keepsake Clock
Unfortunately, due to a minor error, all of these fantastic Keepsakes come only with a lovely photo of Lord Sir Jimmy Savile, which has been secured for all time behind a unique form of glue repellent non-removable Gorilla glass, and hearing the recent scandal surround Lord Savile being repellent is a little ironic, luckily this memento does have a lovely engraved Tenpasenta logo.
Only £325 each, you'd be a damn fool not to buy one or two.
Remember in 70 years or so nobody cares what their dearly long-departed looked like anyway, and to be honest Tenpasentamost don't really care, I asked my kids if they would like to see a photo of their Grandma, they said no, and she's not dead yet.
Ancestry...what a load of bollocks.
beautiful columbarium Southampton
If you choose cremation, and 10% of our customers do as they're too good to burn, why not take a look at our Premium subterranean columbarium for the Great and the Good. Thousands of niches to suit any premier budget, pictures are available on the main Tenpasenta Church site under Kids club.
Located in a special wing of our half-mile complex is an ultra-special niche room, these exclusive niches are priced from only £19,999 per year, and come with a guaranteed* no disinterment policy.
Premium FuneralsThese resting places really are pure indulgence.
Have our beautiful bronze Goddess hold your urn it must be pre-booked one year in advance as it is so popular, this will cost £499 per day.

*Not guaranteed.
Tenpasenta Church
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Only the applicant for cremation can collect the ashes from our crematorium, this could be a problem if you had arranged your own funeral, just leave a signed letter with a person you'd like to collect them or leave them in our will, that'll disappoint them. Please ensure that only one person is permitted to collect the cremated remains, last year due to an administrative error we supplied 40 people with one persons ashes, this only came to light when at a family gathering they estimated that their 5' great grandmother had the same bone mass as a killer whale, due to ongoing litigation this is all we can say on the matter.
We reserve the right to throw uncollected ashes in the bin after a year, we also offer this service for £110, the dustbin men come every Tuesday if you wanted to come and wave goodbye to your loved one it's usually between 7 a.m. and midday.
but what you do with them is up to you.
Cremated remains collection Southampton
Drinking human ashes Human ashes for gritting a path Snorting human ashes
Drink Gritting your path Snort

Mark the vicar's express delivery service

You can have your loved ones cremated remains delivered by Mark the Vicar in his spare Porsche, this is an express premium service which is included free of charge to all Tenpasenta First class members (membership fee £5000, maximum urn deliveries 1). Porsche front boot space with urn
Donate to Mark with PayPal to sustain these sites, he's unemployed and every penny counts. Thank you
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